3 things the pandemic has confirmed about Remote Work

  1. Work is something you do, not tied to a place you go

If you are motivated you can truly work anywhere. My famous “bicycle desk” is proof. While this may seem obvious after months of turning kitchen islands into makeshift home offices, pre-pandemic the social pressure for face time still drove office culture.

NYTimes recently shared a story of a man named, Josh Harcus, a Robotic vacuum cleaner salesman who was able to re-design his pitch virtually to close deals, and it worked!

Stories like this are becoming common, with plenty of studies backing up the fact that, yes, remote workers are achieving their goals and getting work done (and are more engaged while doing so).

2. Output not input is what counts

I often get asked by managers “How will I know if my remote employee is working if I cannot see them in the office?” I have always replied, “how do you know if they are working when you do see them at the office?” with the increase of remote work the distance has forced business leaders to learn how to trust employees.

This autonomy, as you might have guessed increases performance, as shown in a Forbes article summarizing multiple studies, “with stronger autonomy via location independence, workers produce results with 40% fewer quality defects…and have measured an output increase of at least 4.4%.”

“Companies that truly practice asynchronous communication have stepped out of the industrial revolution, and no longer conflate presence with productivity, or hours with output, as one might on the factory floor.” -Steve Glaveski, founder of Collective Campus

3. Companies can hire people anywhere

Through the decoupling of work and the office another benefit has arisen, employers are now able to expand their hiring pool, accessing top tier talent regardless of location. We have seen this migration of employees already, with reports of those able fleeing cities to rural areas during the pandemic. Employees working remotely are able to choose a home environment and location that benefits their lifestyle, which in turn can increase physical and mental health, and engagement at work.

What other trends have you seen confirmed by this new focus on remote work? Share your insights below.

And if you are interested in continuing the conversation connect with me at www.cohana.io or on LinkedIn.

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