• Ryan Roghaar

    Ryan Roghaar

    CEO at R2. Founder at Teammate Apart. Remote work advocate. Consultant. Writer? TBD.

  • Nicci Talbot

    Nicci Talbot

    Writer, UXer, founder at Firebird. The Shift: humanising the new worlds of work💌 www.niccitalbot.io.

  • Miranda Zolot

    Miranda Zolot

  • Ben Athlan

    Ben Athlan

    Product manager director @heetch (Ride hailing company), UX/UI lover. Start-up advisor and founder.

  • Luke Szyrmer

    Luke Szyrmer

    Serial author, time to market and remote leadership wonk

  • JP


  • Zbyszek Motak

    Zbyszek Motak

  • Isabel Alvarez

    Isabel Alvarez

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