One Spot, One Goal: My Remote Productivity Hack

I initially wrote this article in August 2019. Re-reading this I realize the same concept still applies even while on lock-down in France. Instead of moving from cafe to cafe, I am moving from my sofa, to the kitchen island, to the desk.

While my options are limited, this hack is helping me stay productive and is keeping me from getting too stir-crazy. So pick a task, pick a spot, and when you are done get up and move!

60 Pour-over, Guatemala

Homemade cold-pressed ginger shot

Small bottle of Perrier slightly chilled

Cacao and vanilla tea

These are all the beverages I have ordered on my café crawl so far today.

Each one from a different place, with a different purpose. The trendy ‘too loud to focus’ buzzing breakfast spot, where locals and tourists alike pop in for a jolt of caffeine on their way to work or sightseeing, was where I spent time determining my priorities for the week. The smooth jazz filled café turned study hall / office for a seemingly international crowd, overlooking one of Sofia’s many city parks, is where I provided feedback to my team-member’s newest initiatives.

One beverage at a time, I have been able to experience the soul of the city, people watch, and cross off another task from my weekly to-do list.

It is a simple productivity hack that has allowed me to wander around the streets of new cities, immersing myself in their culture and accomplish things such as a company restructure in Madrid, Spain and roll out health benefits in Kyoto, Japan.

One Spot, One goal

I am an avid follower of traditional time management and productivity concepts such as the Big Rocks Theory and The Pomodoro Technique but had not found one to follow that truly worked for me until I had the ability to work from anywhere and discovered the benefit of one spot, one goal.

So how does it work? Well it’s easy!

I choose one main task, or series of correlating tasks, that will help me accomplish a goal for the week. I use the energy of the place to help me determine what to accomplish, when, and then I sit down in one place and set an intention that I will complete that task.

When I finish working, I move on.

Sometimes to a new seat and sometimes to a new place.

These breaks not only help me context switch from the completed task to my next challenge, but it also allows me to get much needed fresh air and a chance to stretch my legs before tackling another “to-do.”

Moving to new places also injects a sense of wander and exploration into my daily life and I approach each new task with inspiration and motivation to accomplish more. Once I settle into my new spot, I set a new intention, continue to focus, and order another coffee!

Looking for a new way to shake things up and get more done? Try the One Spot, One Goal technique and let me know how it works for you! Tell me what you think in the comments below 🙂

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Ali Greene

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